Departmental Labs

Computer Science and Engineering

                Detailed list can be viewed here.    


Electrical Engineering

                B207      Project Lab

                B236      Senior Design Lab

                B239      Graduate Design Lab

                B242      Computer Teaching Lab

                B288      Digital Signal Processing Lab

                B206      Autonomous System Lab

                B209      Communications and Signal Processing Lab

                B210      Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal Design Lab

                B216      Speech, Music and DSP Lab

                B224      CAD Lab

                B241      Vision, Robotics and Control System Lab

                B251      Wireless Systems and Sensor Networks Lab


                For more detailed information about the Electrical Engineering Lab please click here


Engineering Technology

                F119       Advanced Electronics Lab

                F162       Metrology lab

                F183       Analog Lab

                F185       Engineering Systems Lab

                F187       Computer Aided Design


Materials Science

                E138       Undergraduate Teaching Lab     


Mechanical and Energy Engineering

                F175       Computer Teaching Lab