• How do I access UNT's VPN?

    To access the VPN please refer to the documents listed below.

    VPN Access for Windows
    VPN Access for Macintosh
    VPN Access for OSX

  • Why do I need to install and use the VPN client?

    The UNT network is protected by firewall that blocks access to most campus resources. The VPN client is required to remotely access computing resources including remote desktop, file shares, individually licensed engineering software packages. VPN requires a valid/active UNT EUID account in addition to permissions to specific resources. For more information please contact CENG IT Services for additional information.

  • My Adobe products are not licensed. Why am I asked or how do I login to Creative Cloud?

    Adobe has adopted a subscription service for licensing Adobe products rather than using licensing keys. This affected our campus licensing model. Licensing is managed with end user login. Please refer to the attached document for accessing Adobe Creative Cloud..

    How To: Adobe Creative Cloud Login

  • My EUID password has expired. How do I reset my password?

    Passwords can be reset by the owner of the account 24/7. To reset an expired EUID password click on the provided link "reset password" located here: ams.unt.edu . If additional assistance is required please contact the UIT helpdesk.

  • How do I purchase computer or computer related equipment?

    Currently CENG IT Services supports DELL and Apple hardware. Faculty/Staff must contact CENG IT Services to purchase computers and computer related equipment (printers, scanners, peripherals). Students and Researchers must get approval from their faculty or department prior to requesting quotes for computer or computer related equiupment. Please provide any specific hardware or software requirements to ensure hardware specifications can support the task(s).

  • How do I request installation or purchase of software?

    ALL software requests must be submitted to CENG IT Services for approval prior to purchasing. This is to prevent purchasing software for already existing licenses. Students and Researchers must gain approval from their faculty or department prior to submitting purchase requests for software.

  • How do I get Adobe products for home use?

    The University of North Texas contract with Adobe allows faculty and staff to get home use copies. Please visit http://untsystem.onthehub.com and complete the registration. An email confirmation is received and the suite may be downloaded for a minimum cost. Please refer to the site for current pricing.

  • How can I get a "turnitin" account?

    To get a “turnitin” account please contact CENG IT Services via the support address or website (http://itservices.engineering.unt.edu/requesting-service) and the IT Manager will generate the account. Once the account is created an automatic message is sent to the requester confirming access to the site with instructions for login.

  • We have a new engineering student organization. How do we establish an organzational website?

    CENG IT Services would be glad to assist with setup of your ogranizational site.  Please submit a request to our support team with a suggest/preferred name.  We will work to get the site set up with initial development then turn over the content management to your ogranization.

  • How do I download and license Matlab for my personal computer?

    The University of North Texas provides licensing for all faculty/staff and students to download and use Matlab on personal devices. Please visit the link below. Login requires EUID and password. Follow the instructions for creating an account if needed or login with existing credentials.


  • Who should I contact for IT support?

    For engineering faculty/staff/students, CENG IT Services is always first point of contact.  We can assist you directly in most cases via cengsupport@unt.edu.  For requests that may require other support groups, we can easily direct you to the proper contact.  For students who use other labs and resources on the main campus or outside engineering, the following link is a list of contacts for other specific support groups:  (https://it.unt.edu/helpdesk-netman).